Encore Flight Academy invites you to the world of Aviation! Whether you wish to obtain your Pilot’s License for pleasure, or wish to pursue a Professional Career in aviation, Encore Flight Academy can help. Our experienced flights instructors are dedicated to provide you with quality training and instructions. It is their goal to make your learning experience memorable! Do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information.

Encore Flight School, has a fleet of Cirrus, Piper Warriors, Diamond DA-C1’s, Piper Arrows, Piper Seminoles and Senecas. Encore Flight School offer Multi Engine Flight Training, Single Engine Flight Training, and Flight Simulator Taining. Encore Flight School has five Advanced FAA Approved Flight Simulators. If your looking for a Flight School in Los Angeles area including Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Tarzana, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks you have found the largest and best.

Flight School Van Nuys


Encore Flight Academy has the most Sophisticated Fleet of Aircrafts. With over 20 training aircraft on the fleet.

At Encore Fight we utilize Diamond DA20-C1’s as one the training platforms. Diamond DA20 is the same aircraft United State Air Force  is using for flight training, they fast, maneuverable and simply put one of the best flight training aircraft available.

Almost all of our training aircraft are equipped with Garmin 430 GPS units for consistency in Cockpit layout between different aircraft.

Encore Flight Academy also utilizes two Piper Seminoles. The Piper Seminole is the most widely used multi engine aircraft that holds a counter rotating prop and a Garmin G430 GPS.


Structured Flight Training:
1) All lessons are structured and based on a syllabus. This will ensure that all training materials are covered in order.

2) Each lesson consists of three segments:
Pre-Flight Briefing
Post-Flight Briefing

Students will cover what will be discussed for that lesson, and practice in one of our FAA Approved Flight Simulators, any maneuvers that will be performed in flight. Once the student has grasped what will be done for that lesson, he will go up in flight with his/her instructor and perform what he has been taught. After the in air lesson, the student and instructor will go over and debrief the flight and discuss his/her progression and performance.

3) Standardized flight training:
All of our instructors have been trained to provide the same structured training to each student.

4) Flight instructors at Encore Flight Academy undergo re-current training to ensure that they are up to date with new regulations and technology improvements.

Encore Flight School Van Nuys Airport
Van Nuys Pilot Training Encore Flight School


At Encore Flight Academy we put great emphasis on Flight Simulator training. Encore Flight Academy was one of the first flight schools at Van Nuys airport to utilized Flight Simulator training in to its syllabus, which was done using Precision Flight Control Flight Simulators and RedBird Full Motion Flight Simulators.

Precision Flight Control Flight Simulator (PFC) is FAA approved and can be used to log time for different parts of flight training. PFC has five 60 inch screens for wrap around views. You will also find a real Garmin G430 GPS unit in the flight simulator. We use this simulator for many aspects of the flight training, including situational awareness, wake turbulence avoidance procedure, adverse weather condition avoidance, bird strikes and many more .

For an even more realistic training experience, we also have Three FAA approved full motion RedBird flight simulator.

Precision Flight Control and Redbird are the two major manufacturers of high quality flight simulators for flight schools and general aviation.