It must be time to advance your skills and evolve as a professional aviator.

Encore Flight Academy is one of the most technologically advanced flight schools in Southern California and offers one of the most thorough and comprehensive instrument training courses at Van Nuys Airport.

Encore Flight Academy takes advantage of one of the world’s most complex and demanding airspaces. It conducts intensive instrument training under the watchful supervision of experienced instructors. Southern California airspace and the Los Angeles area, in particular, create a rigorous environment conductive to instrument training. The complex approach systems, the challenging communication requirements, and the close proximity of large airports, will prepare you for professional instrument flying anywhere in the world.

The Simulator training offers a unique ability to experience instrument approaches worldwide. It also allows the student to enjoy a sterile environment and hone in their skills without any distractions. The flight phase of instrument training will introduce the student to the real life application of instrument flying and shooting multiple approaches , the student will experience VOR, GPS,ILS,LDA,DME,ARC and more while training at Encore Flight Academy.

Number of Aircraft
FAA Approved Flight Simulators
FAA Certified Flight Instructors

  • Instrument Rating:
  • Total Logged Time: 50 HOURS
  • Single Engine Piper, Diamond, Cessna Flight Time: 27 Hours at $139/hour
  • Single Engine Cirrus Flight Time: 3 Hours at $229
  • FAA Approved Full Motion Flight Simulator: 20 Hours at $80/hour
  • Flight Instructor (Aircraft & Simulator): 50 Hours at $69/hour
  • Ground School, Post and Pre Flight Briefings:15 Hours at $69/hour
  • Ground School, Post and Pre Flight Briefings:15 Hours at $69/hour
  • All Books & Training Materials
  • In-House Financing: Down Payment $2,650 | Monthly 4 Payments of $2,029
Andre, our Captain, was awesome! He guided us through our flight over L.A. He was quick to ease any anxiety and make it a comfortable, safe, fun and informative experience. 5 stars all the way. Great customer service, great experience, definitely a must do in L.A. After flying all around the world in commercial planes this was the first time I actually felt I was "flying". Cannot wait to do it again!
Rene A.
My boyfriend has been taking flying lessons at Encore Flight School and he absolutely loves their program; he is almost done with completing the course to get his license. Last month , my boyfriend flew us to Catalina Island with Alex's ( the instructor) supervision and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had . FYI , I am absolutely terrified of flying and I would refuse traveling because I am so scared of heights and flying ; however , I couldn't believe how comfortable and safe I felt during the flight . Alex , the instructor , appeared very experienced . He is so knowledgable and he makes you feel very comfortable . A true professional ... If you are looking for taking flying lessons whether for pleasure or possibly as a career , I would HIGHLY recommend Encore Flight School . They have very reasonable prices for different packages ; They definitely would exceed your expectations.
Sarah K.
Alex is absolutely amazing! Highly recommended. They have really great airplanes, and flight simulators. I have been a customer my here for while now and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I signed up for the private pilot course, I got the full package, it came with all the books and the reading materials. I think I have total of 50 hours of flight time in my program. They have excellent customer service, place give them a visit and ask for Alex, he will give you a your and really take care of you.
Evelina C.